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    More Amazon seller data at your fingertips.

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Online sellers rave about Cleer Platinum:

"Cleer Platinum is a killer tool for anyone who spends any amount of time sourcing online. I use it every day, and the time it saves me is worth way more than the cost of the tool."

Gary Baird
Gary Baird Amazon mega-seller, co-creator of

"Sheer brilliance. Jordan Malik has created what might become the staple for Online Arbitrage...Grab it now and start raking in the profits."

George Nieves
George Nieves Owner,

"I love Cleer Platinum. It cut my sourcing time WAY down. I just listed my second amazon shipment today. What a time saver!"

Russ Ernst
Russ Ernst Amazon Seller

"[With Cleer Platinum] I found a very profitable item that I can make $20 per unit. Your software is way underpriced!"

jstfinney Amazon Seller

"I just love Cleer Platinum. In just one evening I found $700 of items online that will give me a 50-85% ROI. Your software made it so much simpler and faster."

Julie Allegra
Julie Allegra Amazon seller

"Cleer Platinum paid for itself in literally 20 minutes. I sourced more in 1 hour than I do in a day!"

Marco Camara
Marco Camara Amazon seller

"Seriously: the time saved gives me a little piece of my life back. Thank you again! Cleer Platinum is awesome."

Susan Amazon seller

"Cleer Platinum works like a dream. Thanks providing this to the selling community, Jordan."

Alexander I.
Alexander I. Amazon seller

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Even if you decide Cleer Platinum isn't for you, you can keep these books!

Even if you decide Cleer Platinum isn't for you, you can keep this list!

Source products faster, better. Choose your weapon.

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Cleer Pro
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  • Lifetime updates (automatic)
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